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Sara + Mel



The Gear:

  • Canon 5D Mark 2
  • 50mm 1.2 (yummy!)
  • 85 mm 1.8
  • 135 mm 2.0
  • 16-35  2.8
  • 50mm Sigma Macro (just for rings)
  • Canon flashes
  • Quantum batteris
  • Pocket Wizards
  • Mac computers

Do you have a studio?

Well, kind of but not really.  We have an office in Mel’s daylight basement.  We almost always shoot on location or at the whitebox “farm”.  Sara lives across the street from Mel and we both work from our kitchen tables, in between folding loads of laundry.

Did you go to school for photography?

Yep.  That’s where we met.  It was great for learning all the technical stuff but the best way to learn is just to get out there and shoot (lots!).

Do you teach workshops?

Aw, shucks- thanks for asking! Unfortunately, we don’t right now, but we’ll keep ya posted.

Do you use actions?

Yep.  We’re big fans of all of the Totally Rad Actions but use them sparingly.

Beards or no beards?   Beards

Margaritas or Mojitos?   Mojitos

Goonies or Gremlins?   Goonies