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Sara + Mel

August 31st, 2011

I had a great time sweating it out with Ruby & Rob in DC and Maryland!  We got up early to beat the crowds to the monuments only to discover that the reflecting pool is completely torn up.  Who knew… I guess they’re renovating?  We hung out at the Washington Monument (pre- earthquake crack) and wondered why none of the hot dog vendors were open at 9 am (Ruby wanted a hot dog).  I learned a new word that will be added to my vocabulary… Hangry.  It’s when you’re hungry, so you get angry… as in “Honey, did I do something wrong or are you just hangry?  Great word, right?

We were all on the verge of getting a little hangry, so we hopped back on the Metro and were entertained by the most interesting (ie-crazy) guy ever.  He wasn’t really crazy…well, maybe… but he did proceed to talk in one run-on sentence for the next twenty minutes non-stop.  We learned about carbon, and meta-physics, and religion and that everyone in DC has a cousin in NC.. all with a Caribbean accent.  Needless to say, our Metro trip flew by and we were off to lunch and our second location, Glen Echo Park.

The park was a little less eventful.. unless you count the lady who caused a scene getting kicked off the carousel for not paying her $1.25 … don’t mess with the carousel guy, he means business!  On to the pictures!

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